Hospice Aide


Hospice aides may provide personal care services, as well as household services to maintain a safe and sanitary environment in areas of the home used by the patient, such as changing the bed or light cleaning and laundering essential to the comfort and cleanliness of the patient.

Hospice aides are assigned to a specific patient by a registered nurse who is a member of the interdisciplinary group. Written patient care instructions for a hospice aide must be prepared by a registered nurse who is responsible for the supervision of a hospice aide.

The individual must have successfully completed hospice orientation addressing the needs and concerns of patients and families coping with a terminal illness. Homemaker services may include assistance in maintenance of a safe and healthy environment and services to enable the individual to carry out the plan of care.

What We Can Do For You


Hospice aides provide assistance to the patient whether it be a shower, tub bath, or bed bath.


Hospice aides can help with all activities of daily living including dressing their patient, oral and hair hygiene,and feeding the patient during their visit.


Hospice aides will make sure you have clean sheets, pillows, and blankets before getting you back in bed.