Testimonial From A Local Family


Words will never be enough to express my gratitude to Hospice of Wyandot County for everything they did for my parents and for all of us. Both of my parents were under their tender care less than 14 months apart. They had both fallen, broken bones, and then had strokes. Both of their deaths were different but the care they received with hospice never wavered.
If they were in pain, suffered any anxiety or agitation, hospice was there. They tried different medications, massage, loving hymns were sang while bathing them. They included my family with every decision they made. They provided us with love, concern, and compassion and the same they showed for my parents. We were so fortunate to be able to be there when each of them took their final breaths. They were both at peace which gave us all a sense of peace as well.
You are so fortunate to have Hospice of Wyandot County. They look at the whole person and family and never stop loving you.

-Lynn Altvater

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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